What is Reticulated Silver?

Reticulated Silver

Reticulated Silver is a mix of sterling (.925), fine silver (.999) and copper (.075).   The metal is repeatedly heated, quenched and pickled.   During this process, the copper content is concentrated at the core of the metal, surrounded by a skin of fine silver.  Then, during the reticulation process, a very hot flame from a jeweler’s torch is moved in a specific pattern to bring the copper core to a melting point that in turn creates a liquid within the silver skin.  The path and angle of the flame affects the textures created, very often resembling a mountain peak, moiré fabric or a bargello needlepoint.    All of the reticulated silver from Ellen Lyons Jewelry Designs is created in studio.  No two pieces are alike, due to the reticulation process.

All pieces are also very unique.   This is why they are more expensive than sterling silver.    Each piece is carefully designed and crafted to highlight the unique patterns and textures of the metal.






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